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Justin Coleman is the founder and creative director of UniverCOLE

            During the development UniverCOLE, founded in 2018, Justin worked 5+ years at the infamous Taco Bell, where he started as a Team Member and elevated into an Asst. Manager positions. In these years, Justin was enrolled at the University of Central Florida, as a digital media major. While attending UCF, Justin used the skills he was obtaining to help build a party promotions team with a help from a few friends and colleagues. We were able to present some of the most memorable experiences of UCF's nightlife [2011-2013].

            Unfortunately, the nightlife took over and effected his GPA. Conveniently, he was presented with the opportunity to work with a family member, which he planned for him to help pay for school in his eventual return.

            After discovering that his plan would soon to be impossible to execute based on his experience working with family, Justin used this time to acquire job experience. From chauffeur, to security, to logistics, to furniture installation, to package handling, these jobs helped him understand what life would be like outside of college. Not realizing these jobs would present so much downtime, he found it in himself to rediscover his purpose. In the midst of relocating back to the Central Florida area he would begin a habit of researching successful people and compare the common themes they presented that propelled them forward.

            Currently, Justin is using those very principles to launch his very own entrepreneurial dreams, one step at a time. While working as a full-time truck driver, he makes time to improve his skills learned at UCF as well as launching his own digital media business.

             Some of you may view this site as solely a vehicle for business but I'd like to also present to you my creative business portfolio.



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