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The Process

The Process

First We Must Dream

            I start each project with a questionnaire, which will allow me to understand your goals and your perspective about the project. In establishing this list of goals I will be sure to consider every inquiry.

            This review is necessary for us to set the tone of our professional relationship moving forward and gives me a good understanding of who you are. 

            Following the questionnaire and before I start any design work I will receive your approval in the project and it's cost via a simple policy agreement and 50% retainer.

Manifest Destiny

            With the information you have provided dreaming with me, I work to understand ways to process manifesting your vision. This involves familiarizing myself with your goals and taking a deeper looking into your target audience as well as any competitors.

            I'll do internal discovery and concepting where ideas are explored and a better understanding of the subject matter is established. Once the sketching is complete, I'll take the final concept and translate those into digital format.

            As for revisions, adjustments that need to be made will happen when finalizing the approved concept, so SPEAK NO OR FOR EVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.

New Life

            Once the final invoice has been paid, final artwork files are emailed and packages are mailed.

            After you've received the project files, I will answer any questions you may have about putting them to use. We can also discuss any further deliverables or other web and print imagery you might need.

            I would also appreciate any project feedback from you - to see how things went and so I continue to improve my process. I may also use your testimonial to build a project case study - bragging about how our beautiful dream manifested to bring new life to your company.

The Brief

Got all these questions answered? Submit The Brief and let's start the process!

All projects will be displayed in The UniverCOLE Creative Factory

The Terms



A non- refundable 50% retainer of the overall price is due immediately before the start of the project (cash, cashapp, paypal, or cashier's check only). Until payment is received and validated, NO WORK WILL BE DONE!!


This amount is non-refundable unless UniverCOLE LLC violates this contract or the contract is void in a court of law.


Payment of the deposit will legally bind the client to all the terms enclosed in this contract even if the physical contract has not been signed for.


For UniverCOLE LLC rescheduling must be done within 48 hours notice of the perspective meeting date or UniverCOLE LLC will be entitled to a $15 fee.


After the project is complete, the client has 7 days to pay the remaining amount and will be charged a late fee of $15.00 per day until the payment is processed.


The client reserves the right to sever the relationship with UniverCOLE LLC at any given time for any reason after the non-refundable fee is paid but before project has reached completion.


If the project has been reasonably completed, even if it requires mind revisions, has been sent to client via e-mail, text, in person, or any other electronic platform, the client must pay the remaining total, even if they decide to scrap the project or change the project scope.


The client is entitled to receive all promised deliverables by their specified deadlines. UniverCOLE LLC will be required to issue a refund only if UniverCOLE LLC breaches the contract.


if the client causes the project to delay by changing the designer scope of the project, ineffectively communicating with UniverCOLE LLC after evident attempts to make contact, or otherwise demonstrating evident actions that result in a missed deadline. The client will not be eligible for refund or compensation for possible damages.


Each design package cover up to 3 initial design/sketch, followed by 2 revisions of the chosen design of the initial design max, anything after that will require additional payment.


By sending your first payment to UniverCOLE LLC, you agree to begin the project with UniverCOLE LLC.

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